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Blue Light Blocking Lamp (White)

Blue Light Blocking Lamp (White)

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Improves Sleep
Relaxing Warm Glow
No Blue/Green Light

The ultimate solution for a healthier and more restorative lighting experience. Designed with your well-being in mind, this lamp emits pure red light, free from any blue or green wavelengths, to promote optimal sleep and protect your eyes from eye strain. With zero flicker and zero harmful EMF radiation this lamp is perfect for after dark use in any space

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Sleep better and relax in the evenings with this pure red light, flicker free and zero EMF portable lamp.

Embrace the power of pure red light. By blocking blue and green wavelengths, our lamp helps regulate your body's melatonin production, promoting a deep and restful sleep. Enjoy the soothing, warm glow that creates the ideal atmosphere for winding down before bed, ensuring you wake up refreshed and revitalized.

Thanks to its versatile gooseneck design, this fully cordless and portable lamp offers complete adjustability and flexibility. Position the light exactly where you need it, whether you're working, reading, or relaxing. With full adjustability, you can customize the angle and direction of the light to suit your specific needs, providing the perfect lighting solution for any situation.

Experience the unparalleled benefits of flicker-free technology. Our Blue Light Blocking Lamp provides a steady, soothing glow that eliminates flickering and reduces eye fatigue. Say goodbye to headaches and discomfort caused by traditional lamps and enjoy a seamless illumination that warms your environment and relaxes your mind, body, and soul.

Sleep Friendly Lighting Wherever you need it

The Science

Optimized nighttime lighting devoid of all harsh blue and green light


Pure Red Light

Flicker Free

Zero Harmful EMF Radiation

Fully Adjustable

3 Brightness Settings


Promotes better sleep

Less eye strain and more relaxing

Peace of mind

Direct light anywhere you want it

Achieve your perfect brightness

Flicker Free

Devoid of irritating invisible and visible flicker

Electrically Safe

Achieved gold standard electrical safety. CE and RoHS approved

Circadian Friendly

No harmful sleep disrupting blue and green light

Spectrometer Test Results

Results: 100% of blue and green light blocked between 380nm-580nm. Beneficial red light emitted.

Colour temperature 1200k
Battery 3.7V 800 mAh rechargeable (included)
Brightness 85 Lumens
Peak wavelength 630nm
Light frequencies blocked 100% between 380-580nm
Power 2w

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The Blue Light Blocking Lamp is flicker free.

The Blue Light Blocking Lamp works by tapping the base to turn it on. To adjust the brightness, press the base again and then a third time, to toggle through the 3 brightness settings. To turn off your Blue Light Blocking Lamp, tap the base a 4th time.

The Blue Light Blocking Lamp emits zero harmful EMF radiation.

A full charge usually takes around 2 hours. Once your Blue Light Blocking Lamp has finished a full charging cycle the button with change color from red to green.

Once fully charged the Blue Light Blocking Lamp can last up to 8 hours.

What Our Customers Say?

Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Hannah Abalain
Bedroom Calm

Never thought of using red light before but it makes so much sense. I bought one for my husband as he reads late at night and I couldn’t sleep with the bedside lamps on. But with this light blocking lamp he can read and I can sleep!! I am completely converted and will be purchasing another for myself :)

Lucia Gerdau de Borja
Happy with my red lamp!

The lamp is perfect: lightweight and portable, because it’s rechargeable. Enough light to read too. I’m grateful I’ve found this product to improve my sleep.

Tyler R.
Works Great!

I use it to read at night to not disturb my wife. Works great. Plenty of light to read and doesn’t bother or wake up my wife.

katie Hurst

Exactly what I was looking for. Compact, lightweight and the 3 levels of brightness means I can change the lighting to what I need in any room. Love that it's rechargeable.

Baptiste CLEMENT
The msot practical blue blocking lamp

For reading, traveling, brushing your teeth, for toilets... Simple and without blue light!

Blue Light Blocking Lamp (White)

216,00 zł